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wWhat we offer to our clients:

Custom multiplatform development

Development of systems according to your specifications and needs, adaptable to any web, desktop or mobile environment. Meeting the specific requirements of the client, saving time and economic developments.

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Android and iOS apps

Design and programming android, development of mobile applications for all types of android devices and iOS. We create any type of apps, economic developments and the reach of any company or individual.

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Web development

Web application development , multiplatform, interactive, responsive technology, reliability and robustness. Optimized for speed and responsiveness , tailored to customer needs.

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IT Support

We offer support it to all our customers, by telephone, ticket systems online or in person. Taking charge of the tertiarization of the IT area to optimize the time and costs of the companies.

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Development Support and Application Support

We help you continue or finish your application or tool, giving you all the development support you need, along with our application maintenance specialists .

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Business Intelligence

Integrated data from different sources into a tool to make strategic, tactical and operational decisions effectively. Letting know What's happening ?, Why is it happening? And what will happen? with the company.

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We are a technology company in Argentina specializing in the design, development and implementation of IT solutions .

IngeniAR - Software Development
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