Android and iOS apps

Design and programming android, development of mobile applications for all types of android devices and iOS. We create any type of apps, economic developments and the reach of any company or individual.

Android and iOS apps

Mobile or mobile development

Every minute and at almost any moment of the day we look at our mobile devices, either to verify if we have a message, to look for information, to take a few minutes of bone, etc. This makes all cell phones and tablets a fundamental tool for every company, it provides a direct gateway to the main routine of all people and potential customers, look at the cell phone.
Companies can take advantage of these tools in a number of ways:

New Market

The mobile user market is much larger than that of computer users, since almost all have a cell phone but not a computer, as previously said, mobile devices are a constant time dedication. This market can be leveraged by developing android applications and iOS of everything from entertainment (eg games), utility applications (eg nearby restaurant search) to digital consumer applications : Streaming). All these project possibilities provide a starting point for multiple projects, with high growth possibilities.

Adapting a Web Application to a Mobile Application

Your company may already own a web application from which it provides one or more online services, but the number of users who would use a web application on their mobile phone from their browser is very small. However if a native development in android or iOS is performed, the possibilities of using the same application are increased, as well as the time and schedule of consumption, and the number of users / clients of the same .

Android Development

Android is one of the most widely used mobile operating systems today, it represents the majority of potential leads. android developments have unlimited possibilities for interaction, only limited by the ideas of the entrepreneur, android programming allows to position the device using GPS, to estimate the light level of the environment , Link with the native accounts of the cell phone, display an infinity of graphic effects, until you know the positions or movements of the computer. All this leaves open the creativity to develop mobile applications of any kind, aimed at any market.

iOS Development

IOS is the operating system of Apple Inc , offers all the advantages that have Android systems but with the difference that the number of users is reduced. However most iOS users are more willing to pay for mobile apps than Android users. iOS developments are comparable with android developments , they differ mainly in the requirements that must be presented for the publication of mobile applications In each of the corresponding app markets.

Hybrid Development

Hybrid developments are used to create applications for both operating systems (Android and iOS) in the same development environment. This effectively shortens programming times because instead of developing two different native applications , they are done in the same project. The disadvantage of hybrid developments is the performance of the app, since the tools to unify the operating systems hurt the application in terms of response time.

Mobile Projects

Each mobile project is unique and must be planned and evaluated in its entirety, providing all the possible advantages and disadvantages of addressing all the different classes of developments and technologies available . We in IngeniAR always offer our clients the best technological advice.

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