IT Support

We offer support it to all our customers, by telephone, ticket systems online or in person. Taking charge of the tertiarization of the IT area to optimize the time and costs of the companies.

IT Support

IT Technical Support

We offer the best consulting and IT support to all our customers, either by telephone, online ticket systems or face-to-face. We help solve technology problems in any company, from inconvenience to employee workstations to network problems and service availability failure in datacenters or servers.
We have a team of professionals ready to take charge and find the solution to any problem, and provide computer consulting and recommendations in any case.

IT issues

The most common IT problems are: Every large company should have an IT area that provides technical support to its employee panel, but this always leads to a great deal of time and money. We at IngeniAR offer our IT Support service for any type of company, enterprise or individual, reducing the costs of owning and maintaining an IT area of ​​its own. We have different service options, which are adaptable to any of our customers' needs:

Computer Consulting

In addition to providing support, our company has the IT consultancy service through which we provide personalized advice on IT issues, problem diagnosis and evaluation, process optimization, systems and technology developments and recommendations.
Our team of experts is able to analyze any technological infrastructure and to perform a performance evaluation of the same, along with all possible improvements and optimizations that are within the budget of our customers.

Server Administration

Servers do not work on their own, they handle vital functions in a company, such as centralization of information, sharing of data and services, file management, etc. Often the mistake is made of thinking that they work alone because of the stability and security of certain technologies and equipment, and then remember when a failure occurs. Our server administration service is responsible for the following factors:

Computer Security

Security in systems is a vital point to take into account at all times, nowadays information is another resource of the company and has associated a cost and a benefit, in addition to the economic and public risk associated with suffering a Incident of computer security .
That's why at IngeniAR we have our Ethical Hacking team, dedicated to providing a quality service to analyze, protect and mitigate the possibilities of this type of incidents and crimes. These actions are carried out through analysis of infrastructure, systems, services, personnel, intrusion and penetration tests, technical advice, etc. Our information security service is available to any company and is adaptable to all types of budgets.

We are a technology company in Argentina specializing in the design, development and implementation of IT solutions .

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